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At Doorstep Details, we do our best to improve the lives of residents and maintain cost-effectiveness for developers and property managers. We are national leaders in providing affordable apartment and condo doorstep trash pickup, offering services five days a week. Our highly trained, insured, and licensed valet trash porters have provided services for thousands of residents throughout the United States on a nightly basis.

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If you want efficient and reliable trash retrieval services, you can request a free quote from us at any time and we’ll develop a plan that works best for you, based on the details of your community. Whether you want valet trash pickup only, valet trash and doorstep recycling, services for a new construction community, or a bid for multiple communities, we’re here to help you get what you need. Contact us for FREE Valet Trash Quote Today, CALL 866.698.2874 or Please Fill Out the Valet Trash Quote Form.


How the Doorstep Details Valet Trash in Tampa Works

The way we work is simple, delivering a new 13-gallon container to every unit in the community, which residents can then use to store bagged trash and place outside of their doorsteps for trash retrieval. We will pick up trash according to the industry-standard schedule, arriving Sunday through Thursday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Our Doorstep Details-Valet Trash Porters remove the bagged trash from each container using our leak-proof satchels, with pickup starting at 8 p.m. Our porters then dispose of the trash in the community’s nearby compactors or dumpsters. We also clean the area surrounding the compactors and dumpsters. Once we have completed pickup, we will conclude our services by sending a “Doorstep Details Report” to property managers.

Key Features That Set Doorstep Details Apart

There are several aspects of our services that set us apart from other trash retrieval services, including:

Easy-to-Read Reports with Innovative Reporting Technology

DD Reports are always made easy for our customers to understand, with .pdf documents that report all arrival and departure times with GPS dates and time stamps, along with building pickup confirmation and after-service photos of all units serviced. Using the Doorstep Details app on enabled smartphones, our porters can quickly send detailed pickup information and photos for every report.

Unrivaled Convenience and Reliability

Valet Trash Tampa places an emphasis on the resident experience with every service. Residents will benefit from the convenience of regular trash pickup, without any of the safety risks that can come from nightly trips to the compactor or dumpster.

To help introduce residents to our services, we provide a free resident appreciation day for each newly contracted community, which features free food and drinks, giveaways, and additional information about our services.

More Profitability and General Peace of Mind in Cleanliness

With the help of our affordable phase-in rates and a price-match guarantee, the property management groups we work with will be able to benefit from a significant increase in new operating income per unit. AWS has also been “A-Rated” by the Better Business Bureau as a Compliance Depot Certified vendor.

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Here are the rewards of who we serve:

According to a recent national study, “full service trash removal is one of the most requested luxuries residents want in their apartment community”. Not only does full service trash removal expand your amenity package, it also differentiates your property and gives you a competitive edge. Best of all, AWS Valet Trash Services provides you with a supplemental income stream along with reducing your net operating expense!

  • #1 Community Amenity: 74% of residents rate Valet Trash as the most valued community amenity
  • Achieve higher market rents
  • Supplemental Income Stream | Increased NOI
  • Doorstep Details Daily Reporting
  • Help control my waste bill
  • 59% of renters say they search for communities that offer on-site recycling. Residents are ready to participate!
  • Comply with Mandatory Green Apartment Recycling Legislation without Contamination Concerns
  • Co-mingled Recycling saves at least 10% on property waste bill
  • Hauling of Recyclable Materials available | Flat Pricing
  • Lease Up Programs Available
  • Fully Insured | Compliance Depot: 535542 | RMIS: 292317
  • Dumpster to compactor conversions
  • Quick Valet Trash program deployment for your entire portfolio
  • Clean Compactor and Breezeways
  • No unsightly or foul odor dumpster areas
  • No Up-Front Costs
  • Start service any time of the year
  • Improved tenet retention rates
  • Reduction of costs of high turnover
  • Expanded amenity offerings
  • Differentiate yourselves from competing properties
  • Tenants of all property types value valet trash service – Class A, B and C
  • Reduction of total waste costs for property
  • Service and Price options that fit your business model and budget
  • Convenient multi-night pick-up
  • Property Management Orientation
  • Tenant & Staff Orientations
  • Maintenance Supervisor consultation
  • Bulk Item Pick
  • Compactor Services Available

AWS Valet Trash Services makes “taking out the trash” hassle free! You will now have the ease of simply dropping their trash and recyclables into a receptacle right outside your door. You no longer have the inconvenience of walking to a far away dumpster/compactor or the struggle of carrying heavy loads of garbage down long flights of stairs. What was once a chore is now your #1 amenity!

  • Convenience – no more carrying smelly loads or driving trash to a far away compactor to sort waste or recyclables
  • Go Green – Recycling is the easiest way to “Go Green!” Protect the planet from your doorstep
  • Safety – No more late night trips through the parking lot . Stop bag leakage on or in your car!
  • Crime Deterrent – Uniformed attendants on property during peak crime hours
  • Better living environment: Enhanced beautification of Property and immediate living area
  • Never Purchase a Trash and/or recycling can/bag again: AWS containers become move-in gifts that also act as your kitchen garbage receptacles
  • Service is All Managed by AWS, Contact us Directly for Questions. No “Prop. Mgr.” Middle Man
  • States we look to Service: DoorStep Valet Trash Waste Removal Service: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Colorado, Nebraska, Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Arkansas, Kansas, Indiana, Virginia, Washington, D.C