About Us


Technology enhances so much in our life these days. From the way we shop, to the way we catch a cab. In spite of those advances, Great businesses still thrive on a warm smile and a sincere effort to fulfill customers’ needs. With that said, know that AWS strives for greatness! Our focus on customer service and your experience, is the driving force behind all of our waste-tech innovations. We believe, that no software or system, will ever replace a trusting voice, or the confidence you have in a dependable company. And as a VETERAN/MINORITY led organization, you can be assured that we are committed to upholding our value promise!

OUR MISSION, is to provide every customer with the most convenient, affordable, reliable, & eco-friendly waste service experience they’ve ever had. Our innovations will serve to enhance our Team members’ performance, and to improve our clients’ satisfaction & results. We believe this business only exist by the grace and mercy of GOD. Furthermore, we respect our team members & clients of diverse religious backgrounds, and will seek to never impose a conflict with their beliefs. AWS is dedicated to guiding our relationships and this business based on the tenets of our Christian Faith.


Accelerated Waste_Veteran Award_2015

2015 Veteran Business of the Year


We C.A.R.E.! |Cust. Svc.|Affordability|Reliability|Eco-Friendly


2013 Minority Business of the Year